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High performance air vents, Inc. is a Canadian/Quebecer manufacturer Located in west island of Montréal. We are specialized in manufacturing custom high efficient fan coils for heating, cooling and ventilation in one single piece for green and sustainable buildings. The advantages of this new unit will be saving energy and improving the indoor air quality while reducing space requirements and installation costs.

The difference will be that our new packaged air conditioning unit will be in one single indoor air handling/fan coil unit incorporated with a HRV section to benefit the energy savings while improving the indoor air quality.

High performance air vents, Inc develops and sells its products throughout North America, serving two distinct markets: residential and light commercials applications.

The owner/president of the company is Morcos Antoun Awad who is a professional mechanical engineer from Quebec and Ontario with a Master degree diploma in building engineering from Concordia University.

Morcos A. Awad has about 10 years of experience and a very strong knowledge in HVAC units (commercial and residential) with energy recovery ventilators, chillers, custom air handling units, LEED buildings and GHG emissions reduction.